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Loved Ones' Testimonials



“Thank you for the compassion and comfort you showed me during a very difficult time.  I can never thank you enough for the loving, gentle caring you gave to my mom.  God bless you always.”

“I thought that the care mom received was outstanding.”

“Words cannot express how much we appreciate the love and concern shown to mom these past several weeks.  She loved all of you and we know you loved her.  You’ve been such a blessing to her and to us during this difficult time and we will never forget you.”

“Our family wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you gave to Dad at the end of his life here.  May God bless each and every one of you.”

“God bless you all for giving my mom the best of the best.  Your unconditional care and friendship is beyond words—she went out with her ‘boots on,’ I miss her but thank you to all of you.”

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Especially for the love, care and support provided to me, my family and Grammy from the staff during the most difficult time I’ve had in my life.  Your friendship, care and compassion to me and others do not go unnoticed.  Thank you for all you do!”

“We truly appreciated all of your kindness in the time of Mom’s passing.  You’ll never know how much it meant. Thank you again for being there at this time, all of your kindness will never be forgotten.  As you bless others, we pray the Lord will bless you in your work and give you great strength to continue in this vital work”

“I really don’t know how to thank you, even though it was just a short time.  You all have a way of putting things that makes things a little easier, but it is never easy.  The nurse that was there the day before her passing—a dear lady, very kind and caring.  I also wanted to thank the pastor.  God knew I would need you all!”

“Thank you for your kindness.”

“Thanks so much for caring for my mom.”

“Thank you to Keystone Hospice for the love and care this past year.  We could see how our mother appreciated your presence.  A special thank you to our R.N. for the timely notice of what was mother’s last days, to our aide for the rapport she established and also to the Chaplin who let us know how mother was feeling with her faith.  We are grateful to all the contingents bringing the Hospice program together.”


“We want to express our sincere thanks to ALL that work in your wonderful organization and for what you provide not only to your patients, but their families as well.  


This was our first experience with Hospice services and even though we had heard about them previously, we had no idea exactly what all would be provided for a loved one at life’s end. Now we know, and are overwhelmingly amazed at the care given, and the professionalism shown by your staff serving the Muncie area.  


Anyone that has benefitted from your services would undoubtedly recognize that it takes a very special person to give the kind of loving end of life care that your staff provides on a daily basis.


Thank you and God bless all of you as you give your patients such quality care at life’s end.”

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