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Services Offered


Caring for a loved one can be stressful. It can interfere with your work, your personal relationships, and even your ability to care for your loved one. If you are struggling, hospice may be the answer.


Hospice can provide comfort to your loved one, skilled care, and nursing visits. It can even help your family with things like supplies, equipment and hospice medications.


How Our Hospice Services Work

Under the direction of a physician, our team of clinicians offers a special kind of caring that encompasses the medical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of treatment. Our hospice provides:

24/7 availability, nurse on call

Having a nurse on call gives you peace of mind and a trusted

resource that can relieve stress.


Medical equipment covered and delivered

All medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis is



Prescriptions related to hospice illness covered

With hospice, all medications related to the hospice

diagnosis are covered under the Medicare Benefit.


Incontinence and other supplies covered

All supplies related to the hospice diagnosis, such as

adult briefs, are covered.


Hospice Aide helps with personal care

Our aide provides a valuable service by assisting with personal

care such as bathing and dressing.


Social Work Services

Keystone Hospice's social workers are experienced guides through the many complex emotional and practical issues that are part of serious illness and death.


Spiritual Care

Our chaplains are trained and experienced spiritual care providers who serve by providing a caring, compassionate ministry of presence to patients and their loved ones.


Emotional support and education

One of the greatest benefits of hospice care for the caregiver is the emotional support and education provided by the entire hospice team.


Volunteers help enrich patient’s life

A hospice volunteer can provide relief for the caregiver and allow them to focus on other issues if needed.



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