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Holding Hands

With highly skilled professional experts here to treat our patients’ needs, Keystone Hospice cares about going the extra mile to ensure each patient has a satisfying experience. We value the health and comfort of our patients, and strive to make sure each one’s interests are met. At Keystone Hospice, we exceed the expectations of our patients, by providing guidance and advice every step of the way.

Why Keystone Hospice?


In 2006, a group of health care professionals came together to start a new organization based on the belief that they could offer hospice care on a higher level than any other in the Central Indiana area and the surrounding counties.


The caring team of Keystone Hospice comes to you with over 30 years of experience in the area of healthcare.  Our organization is committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-based end-of-life care for our patients and their families.


The organization has now grown to serving nearly thirty Indiana counties.  Since its inception Keystone Hospice team has provided care to approximately 3,000 patients and their loved ones.    

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